Workshops & Trainings

Workshops & Trainings


Trauma, Psilocybin & Psychedelic Harm Reduction: An Educational Workshop

January 31, 2021     4:00-6:00pm PST

Live Online via Zoom

Cost: $25-$75 sliding scale

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With the increase in research and attention on the use of psychedelics in the treatment of trauma, more people are curious about this aspect of healing but struggle to access health education, safe community, and clear information on the use of psilocybin.  

This educational workshop is designed to provide evidence-based, non-judgmental information for people who are using or considering using psilocybin to address trauma and other mental health & substance use concerns. Facilitated by a registered trauma therapist, and a former ER nurse & educator with lived experience using psychedelic medicines to treat trauma, this workshop is intended to offer a safe space to learn, ask questions, and empower you to make the best health decisions you can.

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Garuda Groups Presents:

Wired for Connection: A Therapy Group for Women Living with Trauma & Anxiety

February 6 - March 6, 2021

Online Saturdays 2-3:45pm hosted by Garuda Centre

Investment: $295 until January 11, 2021 (may be eligible for reimbursement under extended health) $395 after Jan 12

What: A 5 week closed therapy group that combines psychoeducation, experiential practices, and group processes to support women in their recovery from interpersonal trauma and/or problematic anxiety.

Who: This group is open to any self-identified adult (18+) women who are experiencing current difficulties as a result of trauma or anxiety. 

The group is for women who:

  • Want to gain with a deeper understanding of how individual and collective trauma affects their relational patterns, core beliefs, and sense of identity.
  • Want to build an increased sense of embodied safety, and resources to support self-soothing, self compassion, and boundaries.

How: Each group will include gentle movement practices, self-reflection, psychoeducation, and group process experiences. Therapy will be offered from somatic attachment, mindfulness based, neurobiological and feminist perspectives and movement practices will be offered using the principles of trauma-sensitive yoga.

Groups are led by licensed and experienced psychotherapist(s).

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Yoga, the Body & Trauma Recovery: A Learning Series for Yoga Teachers and Helping Professionals

Dates TBD - Live Online

About: A 3 part continuing education workshop series exploring the latest developments in the areas of traumatic stress and trauma recovery. Each workshop will cover a different topic related to trauma, PTSD, and how to use yoga and other therapeutic modalities to support students who have experienced trauma. Workshops will combine experiential practices, discussions on theory, and personal reflection exercises. 

The content is primarily geared towards yoga teachers and other helping professionals, but any community members interested in best practices in trauma recovery are welcome to attend. Participants are encouraged to attend all 3 workshops, but may also attend individual sessions. Yoga teachers may claim 7.5 CE hours upon completion of the series.

Part 1 - Understanding Trauma & the Nervous System: The Body Knows

In the first workshop we will define trauma and PTSD, and discuss the immediate and lasting effects on the nervous system, mind, and body. Specific yoga practices and approaches to support students who have been traumatized will be discussed, and ways to recognize and safely attend to common trauma responses will be outlined.

Part 2 - It's all about Connection: Relationships and Trauma Recovery

The second workshop will further explore the importance of safe relational connection in regulating the nervous system, and how we can use our relationships as teachers/ helpers to support recovery. Concepts of neuroception and introception will be introduced to discuss relational safety, and participants will be encouraged to reflect on and practice how they hold space for others.

Part 3 - Cultivating Resilience and Post-Traumatic Growth

In the final workshop, we will discuss ways to think and work with trauma and mental health from a strengths-based approach. Ways to foster creativity and empowerment when working with individuals who have been traumatized will be emphasized, and the yogic teachings of the Gunas and the Koshas will be reviewed as a models to depathologize and further support recovery.

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